Practice Workshop

I attended Practice Workshop 7, which allowed me to visit Babak Ghazi’s studio and to view his piece Lifework. It was interesting to see the setup that a practicing artist would work in, and also to see how his piece was now being stored.

We were slightly put on the spot when we were asked to introduce ourselves and talk a little about our practice and the work we make. You could tell that we were all nervous and didn’t really know what to say. Babak commented on what each person said, drawing parallels between our practices and his own. It was really liberating to have an established artist relate my practice to his own. It made me feel much more confident in my work. Babak talked about how he feels he almost doesn’t have a practice as an artist’s work can vary so much over time, and that labelling yourself with a practice seems limiting. Having discussed the parameters of what a practice is, or lack thereof, we then reintroduced ourselves, now being given more of a chance to consider what we would say. I talked about being very focused on process, especially repetitive processes, and how I try tailor my process to be appropriately therapeutic for how I feel at that specific time.

Lifework showed a level of almost obsessive organisation that I could really relate to. Babak arranged all of these objects and documents into labelled box files according to their subject matter. I actually did a similar thing a few years ago where I organised all these documents and pieces of paper into a series of files, almost exactly as he did. However, my files had no labels so each group of objects was only categorised mentally. My actual organisation process was slightly odd in that there was no obvious logic to it. I used an almost subconscious sorting process based on my instinct of where each object should go.

Babak asked us to each set ourselves a one-day project that would allow us to overcome an issue we had experienced recently in our work. He essentially created an opportunity for us to try something that we may not have otherwise pushed ourselves to do. The one-day turnaround really helped motivate me to make the animation I’d wanted to make for a while. Also, I quite liked the idea of us as a group setting and sharing individual briefs to return at a later date to show our results.

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